Monday, September 30, 2013

Gappers Sep 30 2013

no good gaps today; gap up - $BPR, down - $CLF$GRPN$ARNA

Friday, September 27, 2013

HALO long trade

$HALO, this is the reverse of $IGT trade that I explained. This one is on the up side. See how beautifully the chart came to the daily support level and started to head higher. It was clean bars on 1 min with plenty of opportunity to add to the game. As you add and increase your size on this game, you need to raise your stops accordingly.

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IGT short trade

I did not play $IGT short trade, but love the 1 min pattern. How beautifully it formed without any spikes (check out my prior chart of $NKE, has many spikes on the chart), this one formed nicely in the same downward trend. Shorting it more and more and raising the stop with every time you short it would have given you lots of R's today. I had this stock on my gap list.

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IP 200 day bounce play

Check out this strategy.. works most of the time for a 50 % bounce off the prior high.

THe stock started goign down from 46.06 and it bounced off 45.27 that is the 200 day moving avg on daily. It almost bounced back till 45.8 which is much bigger than 50% target. This works most of the time and has a high probability of success

always play the bounce game off 200 on daily chart

The way to play this was to buy the stock at 45.3 and protect every 10 cents as it goes up after 45.5

NKE short day trade

I called $NKE to be short early on at 9:31 at twitter and stocktwits. I had started with a small size and added to the position when it failed to go higher than 75 after it attempted twice.
I exited close to 74.. 1st exit was 73.85 and 2nd tight got triggered at 73.8

I wanted to protect 74 whole number hence exited.

The reason to short it was because the support was way down at 70 and this one opened at 75. The pre market did not show a lot of strength and it was pointing low. When it failed to go higher than 75, that ws the signal that this can be played short. This is the counter trend trade

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Gappers Sep 27 2013


Thursday, September 26, 2013

APD long day trade

This was called on twitter and stocktwits at 9:32. Look at the clean 1 min chart, it worked out awesome with a 7 R trade. This was a very clean and neat chart.
You just need 1 of such plays weekly..

Gappers Sep 26 2013


Wednesday, September 25, 2013

BAX short day trade

I called for $BAX short at 9:34 seeing the dip on 1 min chart. Below 69 was ideal, started small and added heavily as shown on the charts when the push to go up failed.
Exited at whole numbers

Called this trade as the trade was being formed

Gappers Sep 25 2013


Thursday, September 19, 2013

A short day trade

Before I go into the technical reasoning and charts, let's just talk about the stock psychology for a minute.
This stock generally does not move a lot, check the daily chart and you will see it moves very little means it moves about 60 cents to $1 avg on a daily basis (up or down).
On 18th, this stock moved over $1 in the last 2 hours of trading due to fed announcements (so did most of the stocks).  Today on the 19th it opened way too high, close to 54. The first thing many people will do when a stock opens over 10% up, is to take profits. This translates into selling the stock, means more people are willing to sell the stock to take profits. Hence in the earl part of the trade, I expected this stock to go down. It was unfortunate that when I tried to sell the stock twice, my trades for some reason did not go through, else would have made tons today.

Now lets talk about technical reasoning.
Pre market this stock was close to 56 and it reached close to 53 by 9:30 am. So when the market opened, this stock started to skid from 53 downwards. I immediately called for shorting it at 9:32. Adding to the short position after it dipped below the 1st 5 min chart would have given some good gains. It immediately gave good results by going almost $1 down where I would have taken my profits (since I do not hold stocks full day).

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Gappers Sep 19 2013

GAP UP - $SCTY$TIBX$TS$BMRN$A$FNSR$OKE; DOWN - $CAG$PIR - Nothing great today...

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

FDX 5 min pattern

$FDX 5 min pattern, compare this with my other 5 min pattern strategy and you will see how I play these every day and make profits. I call out every trade on twitter and stocktwits as and when they are formed. I call out when I play them and call for exits and stops as they are formed.

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NOW long day trade

Called on twitter and stocktwits as the trade was being formed at 9:33am. Check out my daily calls.
I generally play the 5 min strategy.
Started early on this one and added above 5 min, but did not go too high so took my profits.

FDX long day trade

I called $FDX long trade at 9:37 today at twitter and stocktwits. I started small and added heavily to the position above the consolidation. Exited along the way when I got over 5R profits.

Gappers Sep 18 2013


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

VRX long day trade

Called $VRX at 9:32 am. Always play pharma with a critical eye, Pharma stocks does not follow proper pattern. It always reacts extreme. Played very small size and exited at whole number. This was also very spready

XONE long day trade

Called $XONE at 9:32am on twitter/ stocktwits. This is how it shaped up. The whole number 50 was a good support for this stock. it went up quick and I entered the position. DId not get a chance to add to the size, but exited along the whole number lines. Check out the play

OUTR long day trade

I called $OUTR trade at 9:32am on stocktwits and twitter. See how well this stock went. I started with normal size and then added very quickly to it when I saw the gap held the 5 min bar;
Reason to play such gaps are that they opened a bit too low. Chances of such gaps going in reverse direction is pretty high. You have to watch how it is shaping up and then play it.
This is the reverse play on a gap

Gappers Sep 17 2013


Gaps last minute adds - $CVT$WERN$MSFT$SWY

Thursday, September 12, 2013

KR long day trade

KR long was nice, but I was expecting a bigger bounce. I like the daily support area and on an earnings day, this should have blasted up. I started early and added as it went and bailed out when I did not see the power in bid/ask. This could also have been a place where it went higher, but since it did not, I bailed out. 1.5R trade
This was called out on twitter/stocktwits as the trade was being formed

Gappers Sep 12 2013

Here is today's gap list:


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Z long - day trade

$Z long played out beautifully. The 1st 5 min play that I do almost daily worked out very nicely. Check out my daily trades and you will see I play this pattern so many times. 100 was a good level to cover for some profits and then protecting the next whole number of 101 was excellent. Gave very good gains.

I called this out on twitter and stocktwits at 9:36 am.

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LINE day trade - Long

$LINE - called long on this at 9:31 on twitter/stocktwits. This worked out very nice very quickly.

2nd opportunity that I did not play was formed close to 10:30 reversal time and played out big. Protecting close to prior highs would have given another good profits. Stop was below the low as shown on charts and add above the line.

Gappers Sep 11 2013


Monday, September 9, 2013

EXPE Day trade

EXPE day trade was a same pattern like the LULU I traded. Enter above the 1st 5 min was a very nice trade. But since the stock did not move much, this was like a 1R trade as I did not want it to go below 51 whole number. But pattern did work though not in a big way

LULU day trade

LULU - day trade worked out very nice today. This was my 5 min strategy that I play almost daily. On the 1 minute chart, one can see the consolidation, I started small at that time and added heavily above the 1st 5 min bar. Exited close to the whole number of 72 and got over 3 R on this trade.

Gappers Sep 9 2013