Friday, August 30, 2013

CRM long day trade

$CRM long day trade worked out very nicely. When the price action did not go below the 1st 5 min I went long and exited on the way.

Gappers Aug 30 2013


Thursday, August 29, 2013

STX short day trade

$STX was a good short opportunity below the whole number of 38. I shorted it and was expecting it to go to 200 day moving avg, but protected my position and exited the trade.. it may still go down, but I have made my dough...

CPB short day trade

This was a nice game by shorting the setup below 5 min and protecting the whole number. Not much movement but if you size right, you get good

Gappers 29 Aug 2013


no good gaps today

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

JOY short day trade

$JOY has a very strong support at 48 and hence shorting it close to that target was risky and you can see why it is not going down. It is already down over 5% from prior close.
I shorted it seeing the weakness and added it to the position as it formed and exited close to 48 target. This was a close call trade... The trade was called on twitter / stocktwits as it was formed

Gappers Aug 28 2013


Tuesday, August 27, 2013

TIF long day trade

I Played $TIF on confirmation on 1 min chart. It fell below the 1st 5 min so did not like it and hence wanted to wait for a confirmatio before playing it. I got the confirmation on the up pattern on 1 min chart as pointed out. I played it and added to position quickly getting a neat profit..

Gappers Aug 27 2013

GAP UP - $TIF; DOWN - $INFY$TTM , $DB$HDB$MLNX$TRIP$CHRW.. nothing good today, mainly gold stocks up...

Monday, August 26, 2013

AMGN long day trade

$AMGN long day trade was an awesome 5 min setup. I did not play it but just noticed the charts hence wanted to mention the pattern here.
Buying above the consolidation and above the 1st 5 min high was a perfect play. It had a quick pop and a quick profit. I had not played it since it was a bit spready in the morning.

BTU long

$BTU called on twitter/ stocktwits at 10:15am. This chart looks good because it never broke the 1st 5 min low. THis was a pull back play. I started the position above the prior 5 min high protecting the position at about 18.35. Added a lot above the bars and trailed it tight close the prior highs. Many times it will go to prior high before getting back, but sometimes it may be few cents short of it as it happened here. Any sign of weakness, just exit... nice trade

DDD long

I went long on $DDD above the 1st 5 min high. Got stopped out the 1st time I played it but entered again when I saw the stock had momentum. Played and added to position to protect at 51.5. Awesome play ...

QIHU short

This is how I played $QIHU short. I started early with a very small position giving it enough width to wiggle. Added when it did not hold 80 and closed quickly when it crossed 78... nice profits

Gappers Aug 26 2013


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

TJX long

Played $TJX long, expected it to go to prior high of 53.6 but when it went down, I took my profits.
Got in nicely with a very good position at support. Was a nice gap play.

HD long

I played this long from 75 support, entered a bit early with 74.5 as stop (prior low). this played out well, but the 2 bars fell very quickly taking some of my profits, else was up big on this since my sizing was very good.
Such bounce plays are generally short lived so you have to trail it very tight and exit as soon as you see weakness...

Gappers Aug 20 2013


Friday, August 16, 2013

Thursday, August 15, 2013

EL long

$EL - awesome trade, got in on the 1 min consolidation, started small and added to the position when I saw the consolidation. Added a lot more close to 67.5 mark and rode it well over 68... Wanted to protect 68 and then trailed it very tight with every 10 cents up. This is how one can get good R's with meaningful moves. This is risky and only for advanced traders who knows how to take a stop loss.

Gappers Aug 15, 2013


Wednesday, August 14, 2013

DE short-long

Played $DE both ways. One thing to remember in day trading is - change your views as the market and stock reacts. Look at the way this was played. There was a consolidation on 1 min so I went short below that consolidation. Took profit on whole number and to protect prior lows.

Then there was a consolidation on 1 min again, could have gone both ways. It went up, I entered and entered more when 82 held. Took profits near 83.. Milked this both ways.. awesome trade with gains over 7R!!!

Gappers Aug 14 2013


Tuesday, August 13, 2013

IOC long

I played the bounce at 200 days moving avg this morning. I exited a bit earlier than what is shown on the charts, but the real exit should have been as pointed out. One can play blind on such plays when you see 3-5 bars falling all the way to support. Such plays always work out.

SINA long

The best play on this one was shorting it at open. I missed the play and did long much later. That worked well too. Reason to go long was 80 suport on this stock. Hence went long and it payed out.

Gappers Aug 13, 2013


Monday, August 12, 2013

SYY short

I played $SYY short on the 1 min chart, it formed an excellent pattern, shorted more closer to 34 which is risky since it may hold the whole number support. But I did because before it dipped for 1 bar and came back, so chances are it will break the whole number. I exited to protect 34

FFIV long

Called $FFIV per my 5 min plan rules. Buy above the 1st 5 min high and protect it below that bar. In this case 92 was stop. Added again on the 1 min consolidation and exited at the next whole number
If you want to learn my calls please check my blog/website

Gappers Aug 12, 2013