Wednesday, July 31, 2013

HES long

$HES, called out at 9:32 and entered half position, added to position above the small consolidation as shown on chart. Exited when I got over 5R on this trade.. awesome play.. done for the day

Gappers July 31, 2013


Monday, July 29, 2013

SOHU bounce play

$SOHU rebound play. This is how you choose it and this is how to play it.

CAT swing range

I have spoken about playing the range on $CAT. It has very good support close to 80 area and has bounced off 88 close to the 200 day moving avg. In order for a better swing position, one needs to wait till 90 before entering small. But one can always play this rang.. i.e. buying close to 80 and selling close to 88.. has paid off so far.

Earlier analysis and call on $CAT -

SOHU short

Played $SOHU short today. Started early but since this was just too spready , did not play a big size as I normally play. Played small size and added small to the position and exited at whole number.

Gappers Jul 29 2013


Saturday, July 27, 2013

CTXS swing

$CTXS is a good one above 68. It is above 200 day moving avg and has a good potential to head higher in the next quarter or so.

COH swing

$COH swing looks good above 60. Has been here for almost a year. Above this point looks good.

Friday, July 26, 2013

SBUX play today

This is how I played $SBUX today.
1st play - My entries and exits on $SBUX play - 1st buy 9:32 72.12; 2nd buy 9:34 72.18; Exits - 9:37 72.6 and 9:40 72.49

2nd play - 2nd play on $SBUX - buy 9:44 72.5, add 9:46 72.474; exits 9:51 72.86, exits 9:52 73.01

Both were profitable.... exited at 73 whole number

Gap Up Jul 26, 2013


Monday, July 22, 2013

HAS long call

Called to go long on $HAS at 9:31am.. see how it worked out perfectly. Went up more than $2 too quickly so taking profit made sense. Went long since it was above the 45 general support area on daily. Took profit on the way and protected 47.. should be out of it at that point.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

CELG swing

Had called for $CELG to scale back to 115 before you buy it. It did come to 115 and today it is opening at 133... Check out how nicely this worked out
Here is the earlier analysis:

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

CTSH swing

I had called for $CTSH long position sometime back, today it broke out of the range and has headed higher. This is a good sign, will get some resistance at 70ish due to the 200 day moving avg and will go higher. Love this play.. CHeck out my earlier call:

KBH swing

$KBH is at support level and if this holds, it has a good chance to test 25 again. I like it here and one can start a small position and enter big above 20

RVBD swing

$RVBD is just coming out of the range and looks like it is going to head higher and the high is pretty good here. Chances of going to 21 and 24 is good. Check out the charts. Only negative is it will test the 200 day moving avg at 17.5 so play cautiously till then.

FB swing

I have been talking about FB swing for a long time now. The base as shown on the daily chart was a pefect entry and if anyone entered is already in for a nice profit. It is now above the 200 day moving average which is perfect start. Adding here if this holds is ideal.. next levels are higher.

FDO got stopped

I played FDO a bit too early today and got stopped with almost break even. Looking at the chart, it just changed course and 2nd attempt on it gave very big gains and very steady chart. It was a nice gap above all base, hence played it early. Sometimes this happens.

ROST - did it break range?

ROST has been in this range for a long time as seen on the daily and weekly chart. It dipped below the range for a bit and came straight back into the range. Now it has broken out of the range and again came back to the range. I think this is the place where the moving averages are changing trend i.e. 20 day ma is going higher than the 40 day ma, telling me that it will now go higher..Weekly has also turned up

TSLA swing

Have been calling $TSLA swing since 82 price point. I called to play the range and start position. Above 100 was excellent opportunity and is still going higher. This is a nice play.
Earlier calls:

MLNX bad example

$MLNX gapped up this morning but I did not call it since the 1 min and 5 min charts look bad. Also look at daily, it hardly moves. If you see such plays, even if it gaps , do not play it because you will not get much out of it. It is a wasted effort. The volumes are so low that it is played by novice not by professionals. Stay away from such trades.

CAT swing

CAT is at the bottom of the range, one can play a bounce to 88. But long is above 88 as it has a lot of resistance

Have called to play $CAT from the bottom of the range to the high end of the range. IT is now above 85 and one can play the ranges.

FB swing

I have been calling $FB swing for a while now when it was consolidating close to 24. I said start the position here and add above 25 and add more above the 200 day moving avg. It is now at that level. This is going higher. If you played it, you already have  a good profit on it.

DG long call at 9:36

DG long call was made at 9:36am today. See how I added to position and played it to profits. All the time protecting the whole number 53 after my adds.

HPQ long call

Called $HPQ to go long over 26.25 early on today. I started my position with a very small size protecting 26 whole number. It dipped and then started going up again giving me opportunity to add to my position. I added as per the charts and exited. Started trailing on it from .4, .45, .55  etc..

FAST short today

This is how I played $FAST short today. Called it to short below 46 and seeing the small consolidation near that was the signal to enter the trade below 5 min. I added to the position full size and protected 45 as I had called on stocktwits and twitter.

Awesome play and awesome gains.

Monday, July 8, 2013

FB Swing

Calling for FB long at this point. Small resistance will be around the 200 day moving avg daily at 25.6 and has a very good chance of going above 30. Here is the chance to buy it.

Earlier analysis:

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

LINE short

This is how I played LINE. I called it in twitter/ stocktwits as it was formed.

My exit target was close to 28.4 but it did not reach so I exited.. May still go down.
One big red bar with pullback, shorted close to 29.2 and added to position below 28.9 and protecting 28.5

AAPL swing

When ever you see such support plays, always but it and see if it goes in your direction. Chances are the support will hold and may go higher. Why you do not enter full position because the support may hold for a day and then go down again. So have to be careful. ABovfe 400 was excellent to add to this stock..Prior call was to buy above 450

MJN short

I called this and played it short. Called to short it below 76.9 with adding to position below 76.75.. exit one was close to 76.2 and 76.1

Nice profits for the day. Check out the pattern.

This was a nice red bar down and a small pullback. Once the trigger happened, I waited to see if it goes in my direction and then added to position and protected whole number exit and prior low of the day.

Monday, July 1, 2013

CNBC post on bond fund withdraw

Here is what the news was on CNBC on bond fund withdraw. This makes you wonder that the recent pull down in stock was caused on purpose for people to get in.
This pullback to suppport on most stocks was an excellent opportunity to get into stocks.

Here is the article on CNBC