Sunday, June 30, 2013

ROST swing

Rost is in range for a long time and is still in the range. Here are my analysis from before.

CAT swing

Cat is looking good above 88, but one can always play the bottom of the range. 78-82 area has held for a long time. Lets see how well it holds.

Earlier analysis

FSLR swing

I like it above 46.5 and has a good chance to go higher. Should have played it at 40 support, since I was on vacation I could not get in. I also like the weekly formation of this chart.
Only negative is the 20 day moving avg went down the 40 day moving avg which may mean another down swing before it picks up. 40 should hold and any place close to 40 is a good buy.

Moving avg is a lagging indicator so if one big bar up happens, everything turns higher.

FB swing

FB is consolidating here and I like it above 25 and add above 25.5 above the 200 day moving avg on daily. LIke the weekly chart as well. I think this will hold and will go higher in next earnings. Here is my earlier analysis.

SCTY swing

I like this above 39.2 or above 40. Has a good chance to go higher. Start light and add to the position. 32.5 should hold on the lower end. I like the weekly on this too.

Friday, June 28, 2013

TSLA swing

I have written about TSLA many times in the past stating that it is a $140 stock. I did not like it when it went below 100 and was not holding, but had mentioned above 100 is a good one to add to the position. I mentioned about it from 80-90 and asked to buy. Here are some previous commentaries on it -

IBM swing

Like IBM swing here. It is at the bottom of the support level. Can start small.. All these needs to start small because it is under the 200 day moving avg. Add to the position above 205. But start here. 185-190 is a good starting point.

FB swing

Spoken about FB swing trade. It has consolidated here. Even when dow dropped this one did not move much. Start accumulating this stock at this level and add above 25.5 which is the 200 day moving avg. I like it here. Earlier posts -

CAT swing

CAT swing looks good now to start a small position. Best to buy above 88 above the 200 day moving avg. But it is a good start now because it is at the bottom of the range and most likely the 80 level may hold.
Start small
Here is my earlier post on $CAT -

Thursday, June 13, 2013

WMB long

WMB trade worked out beautifully. This was a monstrous trade for me. I started it initially as a speculative trade since it dropped on some news and dropped rapidly. I expected it to go back to 34. Check out my tweets/stocktwits where I have mentioned every move of this play.

I waited on this since it was struggling to go above the 33 support. Once it started, after another small drop, I started to add to my position and kept adding as shown in the charts. I had a lot of position in it, one drop would have killed me. It went on my favor and I exited and protected 34 as indicated and was all out.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

AAPL in range

AAPL is in the range right now. Going above 450 is a good buy. It may test 420 support. IT has been in this range for sometime now. Some catalyst is needed to break the monotone.

FSLR gap down

FSLR gaped down and it is now below 50 which has become the resistance. Here is what I thought about the next support testing on FSLR around 45 and if that breaks to about 40.
Above 50 this is good.

This is what I said yday -

ROST below range

ROST was in range for a long time and I liked it going above 66. That did not happen and now it has fallen below 64 to close at 63.5.
It will be interesting to see what happens tomorrow, if if flips back into the range like it did 4 days back. Support now is at 62 and at 200 day moving avg at 60.8

Here are my other analysis on this:

LULU short

I did not play it, just noticed the chart was so nicely formed that I thought I will put it here to show you the 5 min short play. This pattern has a very high probability of working. The 1st bar is a good nice red bar on 5 min, then there are few bars that pull in to the lower half of the 1st bar, then it starts to go down, short such patterns and enter full size, with stop over the smaller bars high. Exits on the whole numbers and protect your position.
Memorize this pattern and if you see it play it.

ULTA play

Though I called ULTA correctly, I played it wrong. But it was difficult to play it intraday due to the overlapping bars. The bars on 5 min are not neat and is all over the place. THe 1st bar was too big and there was no follow up. My strategy is to play the 1st 5 min high. This never happened and I tried the pullback play which did not yield much result as well.
This is how I called it yesterday -

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

CTSH swing

I like CTSH above 67, Right now it is on the range on daily. It has good support at 63, one can buy small size at this level and play the bottom of the support bar. It is still below the 200 day ma and the 20/40 moving avg is not good.
This is not an ideal play but is playable purely based on support at 63, expecting some bounce there.

PEP swing

Pepsico is not following what Coke did. This one held the 80 support level and went higher. The moving avg has come together and we will have to watch if this was a lower high or it is a beginning of a higher trade. I did not play, here was my analysis that I had made earlier -

KO testing support levels

KO is testing support levels. It can test these levels and 200 day ma is at 38.79.
Here is what I had said before on this stock -

Hold off buying this till it gives a clear indication on what it wants to do. Patience is required.

RL analysis

RL has support at 170 and 165. The 20 day MA looks like going below 40 day MA on daily chart. If that happens, then the stock may test these support levels. This is a good stock to owe in this good market. Buying at the right time will get good rewards.

INFY swing

INFY went down big on earnings in April, It is consolidating and has not yet recovered from the big drop. It has dropped to this level even before as seen on weekly. Above 44 is a good buying opportunity. This is a good blue chip company to get in.

HLF testing 200 day MA

HLF testing 200 day moving avg now. It is also a good support area on daily. If this holds I am a buyer above 45. But I think this may fall and test 40. Lets see. No action as of now.

TSLA below 100

This one is below 100 again today. I dont like it. It just made a lower high this time. The fact that 100 did not hold is a big factor. I will be cautious on this trade now. The issue with TSLA is that it is very volatile and moves a lot intraday. Above 100 I am a buyer of this again.

WDAY testing support

This dropped big time today and has a good chance to test 60 and 57. If it holds that level, then it may see a bounce. What I do not like about this stock is the moving averages on daily is not looking good. The 20 day ma has started to go down and if it dips below the 40 day ma, it may go further down. Another area is 55 on this stock. Let's see how it works.

FSLR gap

FSLR is gapping down pre market to below 50. Gapping right now at 48.5
This is below the support level and I think this will test 45. The moving avg looks nice, so have to see how this works out. If it starts to show strength again close to 45, then this is a good long candidate.

I like it so far, wait and watch.

ULTA earnings

ULTA is gapping up to 92 pre market. I think this will go higher when it opens tomorrow. If it opens close to 92, it is a good sign since it is above 200 day moving avg. I think this may go to 95-96 tomorrow. Lets wait and watch.

If the 1st 5 min bar is not strong, then will be interesting to see if the gap fades.

QCOR short

I called for shorting QCOR at 9:33am and then asked to add to the position below 47.8 at 9:36am.
Took profits on the whole numbes at 46, 45, 44 and it worked out beautifully. Awesome trade on this one.
Check out my calls on stocktwits and twitter

Monday, June 10, 2013

CAT swing

I like CAT and prefer to buy it close to 80. There is a lot of support in that area, anywhere close to 79-82 is a buy. The negative on this stock is that it went above 200 day moving avg, and then went down again, making a lower low. On weekly chart as well, it shows weakness.
But 80 has a lot of support and can be played on the bounce.

TSLA day trade

If TSLA holds 100 tomorrow and goes above 103, I am buying it as a day trade stock. I have posted this stock for swing with a final target of 140.
But I like to play it on day trade if this holds 100 and then moves higher.
Right now pre-mkt it is showing close to 99, but that may change. Will wait and see how this works.

BIDU swing

I had called for BIDU swing way back on May 11 and then again on May 23rd. Check out how well it worked. Lots of upside to this one.
Call on May 23rd -
Call on May 11th -

MON 200 day ma

200 day moving avg is so powerful. This is an example chart that I wanted to show to illustrate the power of 200 day moving avg. On the intra-day , this chart held the 200 day moving avg and went up from there.
Always play the bounce off the 200 day moving avg. this is a quick turn around.
Inspite of the fact that the average line is nothing but an imaginary line, so many people believe it that it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy.

KNDI play

This stock has been historically a low volume stock with volume less than 100k. I generally do not play such low volume stocks.
In the last 5 days however, the volume has spiked.
No trade for me on this one.

LULU day trade

This stock is gapping close to the 200 day moving average tomorrow, close to 71.5. There are 2 ways to play it depending on how it reacts in the morning 1st 5 min.
1. If it opens near the 200 day ma and then goes down, then this can be shorted below the 1st 5 min bar low
2. If it opens near the 200 day ma and then goes up, it can be played long above the 1st 5 min bar high.

Will have to wait and see what it does.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

FB swing

FB tested the support line and went up a bit. Need to go above this to start the swing, will head into resistance if it goes to 25. Breaking that is good for the stock. Need to be cautious at this level.
But longer term i like this stock and am buying it at this level.

TSLA on roll again

Had called for TSLA long when it was close to 82, went all the way to 110, now tested the 90 mark again and is back above 100. I like this and still stick with the 140 number. Check out all my TSLA calls that I had made.

Monday, June 3, 2013

WMT swing

Like WMT swing here. It may hold the weekly support nicely. One can start a small position here and wait to see if the pop today is going to hold. 74 and 73.25 are another key levels that it should hold.

TSLA swing

TSLA broke 100, which is a key psychological level. It may still hold here. Wait and watch before you can add to your position. Add above 100.
Check out my prior call on TSLA , had called it to go to 140

BMRN short

BRMN short- though this looks very clean on the charts after the fact, but it would have been very difficult to play it since the drop on the 1min was too quick and you do not want to chase it.

Ideally if the bars were smaller drops, one could have played it below the 1st 5 min . But this was not playable.

P - when to start, add to position

P short pattern today.
One could have started this play shorting it at the low of the 1st 5 min bar. Start small as you want to make sure it goes in your favor. Then add to your position below the consolidation on the 1 min, in your favor.
Add to it again when it breaks the whole number of 16.

Your stop needs to be the whole number now and protect it. It is a soft stop not hard one (means do not place a limit order).
Exit on the volume peak and shown.

Learn such patterns. This pays a lot

INFY swing

Had called for INFY swing position to start on May 30 on my blog earlier -

It is now working and is above 44 today. Like it so far the way it is shaping up. Add to position in your favor.

RAX swing

RAX broke the support at 40 few days back, next level to test it is about 30. Do not buy it yet. Wait and see where it goes.

VMW support

VMW is at crucial support on daily and on weekly chart. If this holds, it may see some bounce. This is key as it has not broken this for a long time.Keep an eye on it to see how it shapes up.

Today's close is important