Friday, May 31, 2013

KKD high

This is at the high today. A very strong 1st 5 min bar and then followed the trend. Playing above the 5 min high and exiting on the prior bar low was the way to play this strategy

AMZN above support

AMZN doing good today. It is on the higher end of the bound range. It looks higher to me. May test 275 -280 level again.

TSLA swing call

Had called TSLA swing at support 80 going up for a target of 140. It is still very good and the chart looks good above 100. Check out my calls on it -

ROST still in range

ROST is still in a range. It roared back today but has to break 66 before one can buy it. Check out my analysis on this earlier too -

MON Short

Anyone played MON? The stock came down from support at 105 and came back 3 bars on 5 min before heading down. This gave an add opportunity to the position and exit at whole numbers.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

INFY swing

I like it here. It has to go above 45 to clear the resistance, but one can start a position on INFY here. This may be a slow mover

AMRN pullback play

This one had a beautiful setup on the 1st 5 min play that I always do. The 1st bar being a good green bar, followed by 2 small pullbacks. Buying above that and adding as it goes in your favor is the way to play it. Memorize this pattern.


RKUS is at the bottom right now (looks like), but a pullback from here above 14 can be considered. The moving averages are still pointing down, so cannot enter into a long position yet. You will need a confirmation on this.

BIG support

BIG came back strongly up from support at 34, but I need to see it settle above 36 before I get it. It may test 200 day moving avg if today's move does not last long. Wait and watch before jumping in.

FB swing

FB - I had called support levels on this stock and had mentioned that these are good places to buy this stock. I am not yet convinced it is ready to go up, but today's move is nice.
25 is the testing area, above it, this will hold and will go up.

BTU short on pullback

BTU did an excellent pattern on the 5 min for a pullback short. The 1st 5 min bar fell too fast too quick to get in, the next opportunity came mid way after 3 bar retracement and shoring it to prior low of the day, will give some change.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

PEP swing

This is also following KO as shown on the prior chart before. This one also has lots of support. ALl these have gone up a lot, so a bit of profit taking is happening on slow down. IT can test all the way to 74 if it falls.

KO under support

KO is under support now, it broke 42 support line, next support is at 41 and then 40 and then at 38.7 on 200 day moving avg. Lets see where this goes. Hold off buying it till then.

ROST still in range

ROST has been unable to break the range. Testing it and is still holding. If this one pops, it will be good, to 70, else this may fall to 61-62 testing the 200 day moving avg. Wait and watch, do not buy it yet

FDX will test 200 day moving avg

FDX looks like will test 200 day moving avg on the daily which is about 95. If this holds, it will test 100 again. If not then most likely it mag go to 85-90 range. Will have to wait and see
Do nothing right now

POT swing

POT did a good bounce from 200 day moving avg today. Looks like this will test 44 and then head to 46 as targets.

FB swing

FB has support at 22.5, if it falls then the next support is close to 18.8 but I feel these places are good buying opportunity on FB. I like FB now and feel this stock will go higher to mid 30's within the next quarter. Lets see if it does that way.

JNPR swing

See the weekly support on this at 16, Playing this at that time means it is 20% up already. Will find some resistance at 19 and will go higher. Missed calling it at 16, but still like the upside.

TSLA bounce off play

This is the bounce off play off the whole number 100. You can always play it, even if you play it conservatively, you still gain a lot. Check it out on 100 support

MRC rapid fall

What a rapid fall. This one fell off the roof in one big bang straight to the support on the 200 day moving avg. Anyone lucky enough to short it? I did not :(

TSLA short pattern again

This is a pattern that looks very familiar on TSLA. I have played it many times and this repeats itself many times. For swing traders hold on, do not sell. For day traders, short sell this pattern. Here is how as per the charts.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

AAPL swing

If it goes above 450, this can be a swing play, but right now the street does not seem to like this stock. Can be played as a swing trade above this level. The 20 day ma has turned upwards on daily. May get some highs

FB swing

I do not like FB anymore. If it held 25, I wold have liked to play it swing as I had called it earlier. Now it has to come back above 25 and has to go above 26 for a neat swing trade. Right now do nothing and just wait for it to come up and test prior support levels. Falling to 20 is good but I doubt it, may get 22 on this.

CHRW swing

Like it above 60 for a swing trade. If tomorrow it opens above this, this can be played as a day trade as well aggressively. I like it so far. Next support is at 56 if it falls.

APOL swing

I like APOL above the 200 day ma, above 21.5. Here it looks good for a neat swing. It may go higher and test 21.5 and then head higher. The 20ma on daily is tending upwards.

URBN swing

This may fall to 40 or close to 200 day moving avg. If it does not fall, I like to buy it above 42. Let's see if the fall was one big red bar or continuation pattern.

KORS at support - swing play

I like it since this is at support. Holding 60 is the key, if it holds 60, this will see higher numbers. Like it so far. Buying here is good.

VRX fade play

You have to wait on this one before play it. You can play it when it failed to take the 1st 5 min high, can start very small and add to position only when it fails the 1st 5 min low and falls down. Protect it when you see it fall down sharply and with volume.

5 min patterns

Check out the variations of this 5 min play. All these are playable s on various degree of entry/exit/stop plays. Only one is a fade play. This is an example of all gap ups.

All these charts were formed today, except the bottom right one which is SPPI trade that happened on 5/22

LNKD swing support

Cannot be called for a long swing yet. This one has to hold and the stock has to go higher than today's high. Let's wait and see how this shapes up. This may fall a bit more is what I feel

A pullback play

This is another pullback play putting it here for pattern recognition. These are one of the best plays. 1 good bar on 5 min, 2 small pullbacks that does not fall below the 50% of the 1st 5 min bar, then heading up. Buy high of the prior red bar on 5 min and keep an eye on the high of the day and then if it continues, just play it higher.
I like such plays.

ESRX support play

ESRX support play. Check out this pattern. When ever the 1st 5 min bar is not broken and it tests it again. you can generally play it and exit at whole numbers or protect at prior highs or whole numbers. See how this came to support 2 times, both was playable.
Keep a note of this pattern.

NFLX fade play

THis one was a good fade play. I did not play it but I liked the charts and the formation so putting it here. Check out how the gap started up and then just collapsed on the 5 min, you can play such charts starting small and covering at the half of the 1st 5 min bar.

Friday, May 24, 2013

VNDA Pharma pop

This has popped over 100% in recent days. Pharma is always big rewards big risks. I do not play pharma, keep this as 5-10% of your speculative portfolio.

MSFT recent move

MSFT recent move has been impressive. It is hold at the moment at current levels. It had a minor pulback and may go higher. But I am not buying it at this level.

JAZZ break out

This one is looking good on weekly and daily. Retaining this support wall, this will see higher numbers.

BA pullback

BA had a great run to 100. I think it may rest before leaping again. The support levels have been indicated on the charts. 100 is also a big psychological barrier so a pullback is expected.

TSLA swing looks good

TSLA range looks good now, now seems to have potential to go higher. My target is 140 on this. It has to break 100 first.
My other post on this -

TGT Play

Did not play it, but just wanted to comment on it. Don't really like it since it was not a gap stock. I only play gappers, so this did not hit my list. But MAYBe this is how one could have played it.

P fade play

P fade play, another variation of the gap up stock, that shows weakness on 1st 5 min, shorting it works.

NKE pullback

This is a pullback play, always play such patterns. One big red bar down, pulls back to mid level (around 50%) , short it with tight stop and protect prior lows.

FB swing

FB swing play, buying above the 200 day moving avg and then add above the 26 area.. This may test prior highs. But shows weakness right now. Lets see if it holds here. Keep an eye on it

GME short

This one is another pull back play, I have posted lots of such examples on my blog. Here is another one and how to play it, where to protect it and then trailing it bar by bar on 5 min chart

FL short

Called for FL short at open and also called it on the pullback. Protecting the whole numbers is very important. Check the chart to see why.


Called for ROST long above the 1st bar high, it worked out very nice. If you played the pullback, here is how. Check the charts

IOC gap fade

I did not play it but shorting it below 100 was idea. Again very risky since the 1st bar already dropped over $6 bucks.. hence makes this play void...

ANF short call

Called for ANF short below 50 and see how well it worked. Dropped $2, protecting whole numbers will give awesome returns. Check out why exit is nice on 1 min chart.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

BIDU swing

Called for Bidu swing on May 11 above 93, it is holding this place now, add to it above 95. My prior call is here -

TLT swing

This looks like a good swing play above 118. Holding 116/115 is the key.

SMTC bounce

I had posted something similar on SINA / NFLX etc. Here is another example, when something falls quickly or falls in 5-6 bars down, then expect a bounce from a whole number or from a support region.
Bounce will be about 50%