Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Chart analysis - 2 stocks comparisons

Check out the analysis on 2 time frames for 2 stocks. Both opened a bit higher than what I would have liked but both could have been played in different ways... something to think about.

SINA Play - same pattern on Apr 29

Played this the same way I played the other 2 stocks yesterday. Went with small start and bailed out with minimal profit.Better play was to short it. If the 1st 5 min bar is broken, better to play it short.

ETN play from Apr 29

Liked the play since it came back strong, I waited for confirmation on 5 min and then got in, It did break the 1st 5 min bar low so the chances of success was low. Tried and bailed out when it did not work.. took small hit

ACT play on Apr 29

ACT play yesterday. I could have held it but killed it shortly. 2 reasons why I did that though it did work eventually without the low of the 5 min bar being hit or my actual stop being hit.
1st is that the 1st 5 min bar was broken so it becomes a less probability game
2nd reason is this stock was jumpy meaning it was spready. The difference between ask/bid was much bigger than what I liked.

Friday, April 26, 2013

SBUX tried long didnt work

the 1st bar was big and the pattern was looking like a good long. Tried it but it didnt do much. Was most of the time in the range only.

DHI short didnt work

Shorted it since the stock had opened a bit higher than what I liked. Went below the 1sty 5 min bar so shorted it but didnt work so took a quick cover

DECK trade long , counter trend

played long as counter trend play, got some R's quickly. Was a good scalp

COV trade short, got unlucky and got stopped

Shorted the stock, the 1st bar was too big hence the follow through was not that big, liked the pattern and shorted it, got unlucky and got stopped close to 63

BIDU short worked well, had sized big, a bit risky

Shorted the stock at reversal time and sized it big. was a bit risky since it had already gapped down a lot and was close to support. Got the profits and closed it quick.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

CCI play this morning, this pattern works

Played on pullback and it worked awesome. When the stock does nto fall below its 1st 5 min bar and pulls back to half of the 1st 5 minbar, it is a good probability game

RCL play today

Awesome start on 1 min RBI, played out too well, took profits on the way up

LRCX long play today

Started small and added to the play and took profits on the way.. awesome play today

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

BRCM long play

This opened close to the support but there was resistance on the area. It never cleared the entire 35 area clearly. Historically this chart does not move much. Due to earnings the volume was huge. Did not add to the position as was not very happy with the chart as such. Small change.

WYN Short counter trend

This was a good gap up above support, but it started weak and did not hold. I started my position with the 1st big bar drop on 1 min and added on 5 min low. Took profits as it went down and closed position. Great profits today

YUM long play and added to position with neat profit

YUM play, started at support with small size and added heavy when it did not fall below the 1st 5 min bar, it did hold 68 close enough and did not get stopped. Added to position and then took profit on low of the prior 5 min bar.. Exits are usually bar by bar and I exit my 1st position on the prior 5 min bar low.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

NFLX trade long

This was a very volatile stock and has lot of moment so have to play very carefully and hence mentioned it is only for brave hearts. Tried the 2nd time and got back some $$$.. but played very very conservatively

COH trade - earnings call

This could have been a  good play but it gapped so high that it did not have a lot of momentum. If it had gapped closer to 52 or so, this would have worked like a rocket till 200 day MA on daily. But still played and got my target

LMT trade on pull back

Such trades are usually weak but sometimes does work, but low returns. Weak because it broke the 1st 5 min bar and then tried to head up. Such plays are better to short. Played against my plan and was break even

Sunday, April 21, 2013

MCD Earnings short play

Tier 2, generally such pattern works. It did not work for me, the only issue I see is that it never went below the 1st 5 min bar, that held and the range was again narrow. 

STT short play

This pattern also works generally, this pulled back to 50% level and started going down, my target was 55, didn’t work. I added heavily and lost. But this is a good pattern, especially when earnings such stock moves

Thursday, April 18, 2013

SNDK long trade on pullback

SNDK - pullbacks usually have lower probability of working unless it was at a higher level of the 1st 5 min bar; this would have worked much better if I shorted it; was almost up 3R due to my adds, should have exited to get all profits;

UNH short trade..

UNH again the short did not work well, expected it to go to the prior lows. Went to narrow range and did not yield much.

VZ - not enough range to get big R's..

Range was not good enough to get enough profit.. Small change; on earnings day expected the range to be bigger.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

JNJ trade this morning. Played too early and lost 1/2 R

Played  too early and lost.. Should have waited for the 5 min high, it worked eventually

KO trade this morning, over 3R profit

Tier 2 , got in at the right time and added very well. Good game. The best part of this chart is the big red bar of yesterday and earnings play.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

ROST long play

Tier 2, good buy but the stock came in quickly and I only got 1R on it.. Was 4R up

Tier 2, another great buy and good add, the bars were on the upper side of the bar and took nice profits and good exit

BBBY long play

Tier 2, good 5 min bar, got in when it spiked on that bar and  my limit buy order got executed, it never followed through and took 1R loss within seconds

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

FDO Play - Counter Trend

This was a counter trend play. If it fell below support 58, then it was a short, else it was a long play above 60. Seeing the way it played, I entered it with one position and then had a tight stop to get 2R