Sunday, July 18, 2010

Gap play - MAT

12 - well played and managed, cud hv done 1/2 sell later and got 3 R

Gap play - PLCM

12 - v well played and well managed
12 - well played and managed, cud hv done 1/2 sell later and got 3 R

Mega gap play - VVUS

7 - again well played, may hv entered a bit too soon, cud not sell it so got distracted and finally closed the deal with BE, was down 1R at one time

Rimm counter trend play

11 - well played and managed and sold, such plays may not work for long on such a down day, shud hv actually played this as a 5 min bar

Monday, July 12, 2010

X play

I had not identified this on a pre market, but played it since it formed a nice pattern. It was shaky n spready, hence the R's were not too big

12 - well played, the 5 min bars were too shaky with big TT, so bailed out cheap, else wud hv to leave it at all or nothing till 3R

SNDK play

Extremely well played, perfect RBI entry, on top of prior bars, at MA's and well sold too

THis was aggressive but was one of the good gappers today, caught it early and played it well. One thing to be done differnetly is the exit, sell on 5 min bars, but I sold some since I wanted to protect my profits.

Long time no commentary

I have been trading but did not put many trades since was too busy with Amma's tour and things at work. I will try to update from this week on...

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Trade Descipline

Last 2 days I did not trade as I could not find any decent trade setup. Sometimes the best trades are not to trade at all. SOH (Sitting on Hands) are better than losing a trade and giving the money back to the market.
It is important not to trade if you cannot find any trades that speak to you. The market was way too choppy on both days without any decent earnings at play.

Happy Trading...

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Gap Play - MON

Today I played MON as an earnings play. Reasons were:
1. RS to market - Market gapped up strong, this one was down
2. Good base on prior days
3. Down from a whole number
I shorted this stock at open and bought it back as shown in the picture.
Though it was not the best gapper today, it played well for a good 3.5R.
Better gapper today was NTAP and PAY both were earnings stock.